Gable Steveson Makes His Return To In-Ring Action At WWE NXT Live Event (Photos)

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Gable Steveson returned to the ring on Friday night following a brief absence.

Steveson’s future is interesting as there are many unanswered questions. He backed out of the Senior World Championships last month, only to be dropped from the internal NXT roster before appearing in three NXT live events in September.

All of this comes at a time when he was planning to return to amateur wrestling and possibly compete in the 2024 Olympics. Because he is still under contract with WWE, he must obtain approval from the company before participating in these types of competitions.

As previously reported, his overall future is dependent on Vince McMahon, and Steveson’s future is unknown.

On Friday night, WWE held an NXT live event from Largo, FL, where Steveson defeated Javier Bernal. It was his first match since September 23rd. He is 5-1 in his six professional wrestling matches.