Goldberg Reveals Who Was the Hardest Person to Jackhammer

Bill Goldberg recently appeared on The Bump in an interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, Goldberg spoke about his finisher, the Jackhammer. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Who the hardest person to Jackhammer was:

“It’s very easy: The Big Show. Anyone that weighed 525 — he weighed over 500 when I Jackhammered him the first time. And a little piece of information most people don’t know is that he — well, you can probably guess it, but he didn’t like being upside down. And when we were main eventing the house shows… going from town to town to town, putting on matches that were literally over before the bell rang. And he would come out and he would choke Charles Robinson, set him up for the chokeslam. I would come running out of the locker room, my music would hit. I would spear him, Jackhammer him and pin him before the bell would ring.

“And we did that every night, every city that we did these house shows. And people were on their feet. And I would hold him up in the air as long as I could, just to make him feel a little but uncomfortable and vulnerable, because how often do you get to do that to a giant, right? But by far, he was the hardest that I had ever hoisted, no question.”

Hitting the move on Big Show on WCW Nitro:

“Oh, absolutely #1 [among all Jackhammers]. There’s no question about it… For him to allow me to do that to him was unbelievable. And it shows his athleticism. I mean, there’s no question, it shows that I was fairly strong at the time. But his ability to be upside down and to set himself up for that move just shows how athletic that guy is.”

You can watch the complete episode of The Bump below: