Grayson Waller Confirms Injury, Hints At WWE Ring Return

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Grayson Waller revealed that he broke his leg during his final WWE NXT match, a loss to NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes on the April 25 Spring Breakin’ episode.

We reported on April 27 that Waller vs. Hayes was called off early due to an injury sustained when Waller hit his leg on the ropes while attempting to roll in to execute his Cutter. Waller and Hayes then went to the finish quickly, with Hayes hitting Nothing But Net for the pin.

Waller updated his status on Twitter today, posting a video announcing a clean break to his fibula.

Waller bragged about how he stole the WWE Draft despite having a broken leg because he has more value on one leg than 99% of other wrestlers have on two. People keep asking Waller if he’s just a talk show host these days, he says. Waller claims that if he was only a host, he’d be the greatest in WWE history, but he’s better in the ring.

Waller then stated that he has both good and bad news. The bad news is that he owes nothing to his social media fans because, despite his recent pain and suffering, rehab, and doing everything he can to ensure he’s in the best shape of his life when he returns, people online couldn’t care less. Waller claims that instead of celebrating his ability to appear on SmackDown every week, fans have bitched and complained about how he isn’t wrestling.

Waller then stated that he will not tell us when he will return, but the good news is that we will know very soon, but on his terms because that is The Grayson Waller Effect.

Waller will be on Friday’s Money In the Bank go-home edition of SmackDown from London to interview Logan Paul on The Grayson Waller Effect.

The full video available below: