How WWE Reportedly Feels About Damian Priest Right Now

Sean Ross Sapp of is reporting that Damian Priest is said to be “extremely well liked” by WWE officials and people were impressed with his performances at the Royal Rumble PPV and on RAW. Sapp noted the following:

“One WWE employee said that Priest was given a full plate across both nights and did everything they could have expected from him after being thrown into the deep end.”

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Priest’s push:

“He’s gonna be protected for sure until Wrestlemania and probably after. Plus, they like him. They see him as that Latin American star that they haven’t had, even though they have one, but the other one. The new young one, because he’s what, 38 (sarcasm). But they’ve been looking for that new Latin star ever since Alberto Del Rio left, and they’ve got a tall guy and he talks really well, and he moves really well, and he’s not bad in the ring, he’s good in the ring.” (quote courtesy of