Janel Grant’s Attorney Says ‘Love Letter’ To Vince McMahon Is An Attempt To Intimidate And “Victim-Shame” Her

Reports surfaced earlier this week about Janel Grant’s allegations that she was forced to write a “love letter” to Vince McMahon.

The former WWE CEO was accused of sex trafficking, sharing nude photos and explicit videos of Grant without Grant’s consent, among other things, according to a former WWE employee. The lawsuit also names the company and former WWE executive John Laurnatis.

The New York Post obtained the letter, which was sent on December 24, 2021, in which she referred to him as “my best friend, my love, and my everything.” Ann Callis, Grant’s attorney, stated that McMahon directed Grant to write it. The publication received a response from McMahon’s attorney, Jessica Taub Rosenberg of Kasowitz Benson Torres. For more information, please click here.

In a recent interview with POST Wrestling and Wrestlenomics, Callis stated that the release of a love letter was an attempt to intimidate Grant and “victim-shame her.”

Taub Rosenberg stated, “Ms. Grant’s letter is multiple pages, includes details of their relationship and indicates she wrote 24 drafts. It makes no sense to coerce someone to write 24 drafts of a multiple-page love letter.”

Callus responded, “For Vince McMahon, it’s further proof of misconduct,” Callis said. “Redoing and editing the letter — it wasn’t love, it was fear of repercussions. She [Grant] was, frankly, an emotional prisoner and was asked to [write a love letter] by Vince McMahon. This isn’t a new thing, like, ‘gotcha.’ It happens when people are sex trafficked.”

Rosenberg denies that McMahon coerced Grant into writing the letter and claims that additional evidence will emerge to support McMahon’s case.