Janel Grant’s Spokesperson Addresses John Cena And The Rock’s Contact With Vince McMahon

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The Wall Street Journal reported in January 2024 that Janel Grant, a former WWE employee, had filed a lawsuit against WWE, Vince McMahon, and John Laurinaitis in a Connecticut federal court. McMahon was accused of sex trafficking in the complaint.

NBCNews.com published a report on Wednesday about McMahon’s personal life since leaving WWE/TKO. According to the article, McMahon has remained in contact with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and John Cena. Janel Grant’s spokesperson responded to the matter.

“It’s shameful that Mr. Johnson and Mr. Cena would associate themselves with an individual with decades of allegations just like Janel’s. Behind-the-scenes support is louder than any public statement ever could be.”

In February 2024, Cena was asked about his friendship with McMahon. In March 2023, Cena told APNews.com, “there’s no way I can go on record and say I don’t love Vince McMahon.”

Ann Callis, Grant’s attorney, confirmed to NBC that there have been no settlement discussions.

“Vince McMahon raped, trafficked and physically assaulted Janel Grant as part of his decades-long normalization of treating women within the WWE as objects. He might have thought that Janel would just walk away, but that wishful thinking couldn’t be further from the case. Every day we are focused on adding to our mountain of evidence, speaking with other victims, hiring renowned experts on sex trafficking/coercive control and preparing to vociferously litigate this case.”