Jeff Jarrett On Whether Mike Awesome Could Have Been Used Better In WCW

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, who is also All Elite Wrestling’s Director of Business Development, took to an episode of his “My World with Jeff Jarrett” podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including whether Mike Awesome could have been used better in WCW.

Jarrett said, “You know what, it’s all perception what and I look, this goes to the territory days, when I had first-hand experience of law dollars book in versus Jerry Jarrett’s book, and you get into just the different iterations dependent upon the look, Vince McMahon was the ultimate rider but who was in his inner circle? Was it Bruce? And Pat, was it, Vince and Ed were it, you know, call it a Brian Gewirtz lead the creative team and Ed Koskey lead creative team, just the different iterations. WCW went from Kevin Sullivan and the different errors that kind of go through a. And then just kind of the ins and outs on how that really affects talent in so many ways. And you look at a guy like Mike Olson, he was another one that came through Memphis in the early days. But, you know, he had found his groove in his niche and came over from ECW, obviously, for the money. But he went from ECW, I believe world champion. And I don’t know how many months it took. We’ll call it the WCW creative process, led by Vince Russo to turn him into the 70s. Guy. And how did that really work out? Well, it didn’t, obviously. But Mike was a big athletic competitor who was transformed into a character that I don’t think Mike felt was even remotely an extension of his personality. He was playing this part for the check for all intents and purposes, but it just never jabbed out Mike was a great dude, a hard worker. You know, I think he would have had much better success than how do we make an even bigger extension of his personality of the Michael some of ECW, but it didn’t go that way.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.