Jim Ross Recalls Recording WWE Promos With Bobby Heenan And Gorilla Monsoon

AEW announcer and Senior Advisor “Good Ole’ J.R.” Jim Ross took to an episode of his “Grilling Jr” podcast to talk about a number of topics such as what it was like back in the day recording promos in the WWE with fellow WWE Hall of Famers Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon.

Ross said, “Yeah, a little bit of that. A little bit of that. Not, but not overboard. Uh, for sure. We would have somebody in our ear, but it wasn’t Vince, it wasn’t aggressive, and it wasn’t an interruption every few minutes. It wasn’t that like that because Vince wasn’t even there.”

“We had our notes, and I was organized and, and, those matches are not hard to call ’em. And you know, you got a real common goal. Somebody’s going to go over that you’re pushing, and so you just gotta saddle the right horse and, and, and help get ’em over with, uh, positive accolades and things of that nature. So it wasn’t, it wasn’t hard, you know, the concept, it’s to get talent over, and that’s what we did. And it was a job, uh, preliminary job, job-infused production. We knew who was being featured and what we needed to say in general, but not verbatim. Uh, but, you know, having he, he and have done these shows forever, I’d done these shows forever. I did a lot of these shows like this in WCW, but not as smooth, not as organized. So this was, uh, it was a fun thing. You can’t work with Bobby Heenan and not have a good time.”

“Sometimes he was, didn’t feel well, and I had patience, and we had, uh, chocolate cake. So when Bobby was in a bad mood, or he didn’t feel good health-wise, or travel was bad, or something was up, cause he was kind of in a quasi-transition period. Here he was, you know, he was thinking about making a move, that he openly talked to me about. Cause he was just, I think he was just burned out. Same crew, same routine, same everything. So he was, uh, he was, uh, could be challenging to work with. He was not hard to work with, but challenging because sometimes his mind just wasn’t on his, on the project. But Bobby Heenan at half speed is better than just about anybody I ever worked with. So he did fine. We, that’s that famous shop at Ke thing, you know, we’d go out and smoke a joint and calm me down, and in my car was right around Stanford, and that was all exciting. And then come back and, and do our work and eat. You can imagine they had the munchies. So, we did fine. It was a fun thing. We’re like little kids, Junior and kids slipping away and smoking a joint.”

You can check out Ross’ comments in the video below.