Keith Lee Reveals Advice He Received From The Undertaker, Talks Main Roster Call-Up

During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, WWE NXT Champion Keith Lee commented on getting some advice from The Undertaker, possibly being called up to RAW and SmackDown, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On going from being an extra on RAW that Triple H beat up in 2009 to being NXT Dual Champion: “It always tickles me so much to look back and be like, ‘Man, that guy was beating me up a little bit over a decade ago!’ Now I’m sitting here getting the finger-point photo and getting a double serving of it. It’s something real special. It’s one of those things you have to cherish.”

On getting advice from The Undertaker: “Even before I made it to WWE, and he doesn’t remember it, but he gave me a bit of knowledge only a few years into this sport and then he gave me more recently. I cherish these things and try to show them. Not only do I listen, I apply what they say. I want these guys to know, in case we never get to hang out again or whatever it may be, that I will do my best to uphold and uplift them with everything that I do in this spot.”

On possibly being called up to RAW or SmackDown: “I very much believe in making the most of my present, but I’m also a very strategic human being. For me, it isn’t just about my present. I’m also looking into the future and try to think of the ways I can facilitate more competition and try to capitalize on my own wins and my own accolades and make everything mean as much as it possibly can, because when you make what you do mean something, those moments mean so much more.”