Kenny Omega Explains Why He Took A Comedy Approach In His First Match With Bryan Danielson

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AEW star Kenny Omega recently took to his stream on Twitch to talk about a number of topics including his first match with fellow AEW star Bryan Danielson in 2006 and why they decided to go with a comedy approach.

Omega said, “That’s what we were going for. Just do a match that people won’t forget, that’s my worry. PWG, at that time, reminded me a lot of current-day wrestling. PWG, they don’t have TV, so they really had to rely on banger matchups non-stop. They came to a point where it’s like, what differentiates banger match from banger match from banger match? It’s going to be the same. I don’t want to have a ‘good’ match with Bryan Danielson, of course I do, but I want to have a match that will be remembered. That’s the intent. Sure, there’s a bajillion approaches you can take to have a match that will be remembered. That’s just the approach we took and people to this day talk about that match, which is wonderful. The coolest thing is that Bryan gets it. He understands that the intention of wrestling is to captivate the fans in any way. It’s not about who can kick more, slap more, slap harder. Who can do the most chops, who can make your chest bleed? Who can get suplexed on their head, but then stand up and then do a suplex? Again, it’s not that. If none of it makes sense, if it’s not in the proper context, it was not set up the right way… That is that.”

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)