Kevin Nash Calls LA Knight A Rock Rip-Off: “Am I The Only One That Sees This?”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Talk about stating the obvious.

Kevin Nash sounded off on the latest installment of his “Kliq This” podcast about the rapidly growing popularity of LA Knight in WWE.

“Big Daddy Cool,” always one to call things like he sees it, made sure to point out the obvious.

LA Knight couldn’t be a bigger modern-day carbon copy of Dwayne Johnson’s early run as The Rock.

“Am I the only one that sees like an absolute rip off of The Rock to the point when he cut the promo on fu**ing Logan Paul or whatever the fu** his name is,” Nash said. “The only thing he didn’t do is turn the motherfu**er sideways. Jesus Christ, does everybody have amnesia? There’s nothing original.”

No, you’re not, Kev.

Not at all.

Everyone has noticed this.

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