Kevin Nash Discusses His Current Neck Issues, Considering Neck Fusion Surgery

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently spoke on his podcast, “Kliq This,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including his neck issues.

“My neck is so f**ked up, I don’t even want to move it around or I’ll end up going into a spasm. The stem cells have helped so thank you Bioxcellerator. Stem cells always [provide] some relief.”

He stated that he saw Braun Strowman’s neck fused. Nash mentioned that he needs something to relieve the stress on his nerves, he said, “I’d rather it be a disc replacement. I’d rather it be as minimal as possible. I probably got 4, if not 5 levels that are f**ked.”

Nash recently revealed that he has done a lot to improve his health. Last week, he revealed that he’d been sober for five weeks. On this week’s podcast, he mentioned that he’s been drinking a colostrum supplement, which has improved his skin, hair, and gut health.

Best wishes to Nash as he continues his sobriety.

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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