Latest News On Walter’s WWE Status

WWE NXT UK Champion Walter has a guaranteed contract with WWE and the company has been wanting him to join the main roster, Dave Meltzer of is reporting. However, Walter stated the following in an interview with from last year:

“I would go on the main roster at some point but I wouldn’t move to America. Moving to America is not for me.”

With plans for the NXT UK brand up in the air, Meltzer said the following in regards to Walter:

“Walter is on a guaranteed contract. If they cut everyone, I believe, I could be wrong, I believe that he’d still get paid, but he’s not coming to this country full-time. I mean, that’s his deal. I mean, they want him in this country, they want him to come to the main roster.”

“He can’t come here now anyway. His thing is that you can hook him over for some weekends, but he’s not moving here, and he’s not coming here every single week. So, that was just the deal he insisted on when they signed him, and they really wanted him bad. They don’t want any stone unturned of someone who can go to AEW or whatever, although I think they are less adamant about it now.”