Lawsuit Filed By WWE Against The Texas Attorney General

WWE has launched legal action against Ken Paxton, the attorney general of Texas.

It was filed on February 16th to prevent the release of a contract between WWE and the city of San Antonio. According to Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics, the release of the deal will reveal how much WWE was paid to bring the Royal Rumble to the city last year.

WWE claims the deal is a trade secret and contains proprietary information that qualifies for an exemption under Texas’ public information law.

Last April, city officials received an exemption from the state Attorney General’s office. This enabled them to refrain from bidding on the deal. That changed last month, when the Attorney General revised the decision with Assistant Attorney General Michelle Garza, stating that “WWE has failed to provide specific factual evidence demonstrating the information at issue is confidential under” Texas’ public information law.

The revision appears to be the result of a review of a second records request made before October of last year, as WWE claims to have received notice from San Antonio about another request.

The second organization requested was Intelligence Options, LLC. WWE stated that the request is now moot because it was made in connection with a previously settled lawsuit.