Line-Up For Tonight’s Episode Of WWE NXT Level Up (5/3/2024)

(Image Credit: WWE)

WWE announced the line-up for their weekly episode of NXT Level Up set to take place later tonight.

Kelani Jordan will face Kendal Grey in a singles match, Eddy Thorpe will face Kale Dixon in singles action, and Je’Von Evans will face Chase U’s Riley Osborne in singles action in the main event.

You can check out the full press release below:

NXT Level Up preview: Evans and Osborne set to soar

An incredible edition of NXT Level Up will feature Je’Von Evans and Riley Osborne taking to the skies in a spirited main event, Eddy Thorpe matching wits and fists with Kale Dixon, and Kelani Jordan colliding with Kendal Grey.

Word to the wise when it comes to Friday’s main event between Evans and Osborne: don’t blink.

The two quick-as-a-hiccup Superstars have no qualms about throwing caution to the wind and have routinely dazzled the NXT Arena with their airborne attacks. Which will pick up a critical win?

Plus, two competitors who have battled their way back to the squared circle after sustaining injuries will take centerstage when Thorpe opposes Dixon.

Thorpe is 2-0 since returning with wins against Uriah Connors and Dion Lennox, while Dixon has impressed but come up just short in a pair of matches against Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo and Osborne.

And Jordan, a decorated gymnast, goes toe-to-toe with Grey, who boasts an impressive amateur wrestling background.

Will Jordan win out with her experience advantage, or will Grey claim the biggest win of her career?

Don’t miss NXT Level Up, streaming Friday at 10/9 C on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network everywhere else!