Liv Morgan Eyeing Post-WWE Acting Career: “Use My Platform While I Have It”

Liv Morgan already has her sights set on a post-WWE career.

During a recent appearance on Open Thoughts, the number one contender to the WWE Women’s Championship and title challenger for Becky Lynch at WWE King And Queen Of The Ring 2024 spoke about having a desire to do some acting work.

“I’d like to try to,” Morgan said during the interview. “I’ve been fortunate enough to do some projects outside of WWE in TV and film and I definitely think that is likely to be my next step, use my platform while I have it so when I eventually get future endeavored, I already have my foot in the door here.”

Morgan added, “It’s definitely something I’m working on but who knows, we’ll see.”

Check out the complete interview via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.