Liv Morgan & Michin Think WWE Should Launch All-Women’s TV Show

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Liv Morgan and Michin might not always see eye to eye.

But on one subject, they agree.

WWE should launch an all-women’s weekly television program.

The two women’s wrestling stars spoke with Nick Hausman at a WWE Community event recently and agreed that it would be a good idea.

“There’s nothing that the men have done that we have not done, and so I just hope that we just keep getting more opportunity more time. Maybe an all-female show, who knows,” Morgan said when asked about what WWE can do to help put the women on equal-footing with the men.

Michin agreed.

“Yeah, a weekly all-females show,” she added. “We have the talent and the roster to do it. But I think just think at this time, we just appreciate being equal and not less than. We are equal to, you know, the men in in our company, which, at one point, they were the focal, and we were the accessory, and now to be seen on the same playing field as them, I think we all just appreciate that and are enjoying that and looking to show the company that they made the right decision.”

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