Mandy Rose On Her Least Favorite Match In WWE NXT

Former WWE star Mandy Rose recently appeared on an episode of the Power Alphas podcast, where she talked about a number of topics including her least favorite match in NXT.

Rose said, “My least favorite match was actually my singles match versus Dakota Kai. [For a] couple different reasons. Dakota and I never really never worked before, I didn’t think we had the best chemistry probably because we never worked before and there was a couple mishaps in the match … I was just a little messy because her kick almost hit my shoulder … So after that moment I was kind of in my head cause I thought I injured my shoulder, thankfully I didn’t.”

On not feeling at her best after hurting her shoulder:

“It was really cramped up in the match, so I had that, I had my shoulder, I felt all discombobulated. I didn’t feel my best and I think she didn’t really either at that moment. So that would be my least favorite match I would have to say cause close injury call, thankfully it wasn’t.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.