Matt Cardona Believes The Miz Doesn’t Get The Credit He Deserves

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Pro wrestling veteran and GCW General Manager Matt Cardona recently spoke with The Wrestling Matt on a number of topics including how he believes WWE World Tag Team Champion The Miz can do it all and how he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

Cardona said, “The Miz can do it all. He is a natural schmoozer, he could talk. He’s somebody who can do media. He can do movies, TV shows, and he can go in the ring.”

“Some of my favorite matches with Miz, I’ll never forget, one time we had a match at Madison Square Garden and I know it’s gonna make me sound old, but we called it on the fly. We legit called it on the fly, and guess what? It was Miz calling the match, because he’s had so much time with John Cena when he was the champ. He is so good [and] does not get the credit that he deserves.”

You can check out Cardona’s comments in the video below.