Matt Hardy On If He Was Disappointed To Compete In Battle Royals At WrestleMania

AEW star Matt Hardy took to an episode of his “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including if he was ever disappointed to compete in battle royals at WWE WrestleMania.

Hardy said, “No, I wasn’t really disappointed for being put into it two years straight… it is just what it is. And I feel like if you’re a competitor, and you get an opportunity to be on WrestleMania, on the card at all, you just like to make the most of that opportunity. Like, bust your ass all throughout the year and hopefully you get some sort of special marquee position on the card. But if you don’t, just deal with it and make the most of whatever you have to work with. That’s the best play when it comes to that.”

“Are guys disappointed they end up in it? I’m sure they are. I’m sure they are. At the end of the day, especially where I’m at in my career now, I just want to be doing something productive. Like I don’t have to be in the main event or I have to be in the most highlighted match whatever. I just want to be doing something that is productive and keeping myself — and my brother if we’re teaming together — in a relevant position where we seem like you know, we’re still good to go.”

On his dream tag team partner:

“I would say from the past, I will go with the idea of the Macho Man Randy Savage. Yeah, that’s a pretty easy one to call I think. And from the present. Hell I might even say from the present, myself and Christian Cage. We might have a fun little time.”

On Jake Hager’s “Jack Swagger” gimmick in WWE and some guys needing to be themselves to get over:

“There are some guys who take a while to really become their best selves when it comes to being performers. Swagger is an example that. I think he has become a lot better as he’s been around, because nothing teaches you in pro wrestling experience. There’s some guys that just catch on immediately and set the world on fire like Kurt Angle. But most guys, it takes him a little while to really learn what they’re doing. I mean, one of the best examples ever, is Mark Henry. Because towards the end, when I was working with Mark in ECW and he was the ECW champion, he was great to work with. I would have worked with him every night. He was easy, he was safe, he was smart. He got the most mileage out of everything he did and he knew who he was. And he worked that way. He was great. I loved working with Mark.”

You can check out Hardy’s comments in the video below.

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