Matt Hardy Says He’s Open To Joining Uncle Howdy Storyline In WWE

Matt Hardy, a free agent and former AEW star, has released his latest podcast (Extreme Life of Matt Hardy), which discusses the state of AEW and his future in wrestling. Hardy has been posting teasers on social media. Based on the teases, fans speculate that he may be involved in the Uncle Howdy storyline, while WWE has been teasing Uncle Howdy on its weekly shows.

On a potential Wyatt Family reboot in WWE:

“I feel like Windham could have turned the Wyatt 6 into something very special, very creative guy, very passionate, especially working with Triple H. I feel like he has a better understanding of stuff that is kind of out of the ordinary, you know, out of the box, out of the normal parameters in pro wrestling. But just now considering, you know, Bray’s awful and terrible passing, I feel like in memory of Bray, the Wyatt 6 has a chance to do really good. I think having people involved in it that were close to him that are really motivated to carry on his legacy, really motivated to honor him, pay homage to him as time goes forward, I feel like it can be very successful, especially if it is done in the right way.”

If he’d be interested in the Wyatt 6:

“Yeah I mean, anytime I have the opportunity to do Broken Matt Hardy, that’s appealing to me. I’m much more open and willing, I think, to do Broken Matt Hardy than to do regular Matt Hardy at this stage of the game. Why you may ask? Broken Matt Hardy is much more entertainment driven. Matt Hardy can still go out and can still have good matches, but to really go out there and kick ass and be extreme like in the late 90s and early 2000s, that is much more challenging for me. I feel like it is more beneficial to me to work much smarter as opposed to trying to work harder, and then also work in a way that I integrate a lot of entertainment into whatever I’m doing. So yes, anytime a Broken Matt opportunity is there for me, I’m always here for it.”

As of this writing, Hardy is a free agent. Hardy stated on his podcast that he is still in talks with both AEW and WWE, so he could appear anywhere.

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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