Matt Riddle Changing His Character Direction Following His WWE Release

Former WWE star Matt Riddle discussed working for MLW after being released from WWE in an interview with Ryan Gaydos of

“I’m pretty stoked. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve wrestled for MLW. I remember having a lot of good matches with guys like Swerve (Strickland), Tom Lawlor and others. So, pretty, pretty stoked about it. Then, to get to wrestle Fatu in my first match back is, yeah, I’m excited. I wanted to wrestle Fatu before I got signed by WWE before but now it’s happening. Pretty happy about it.”

“So, the last three months, I kinda just had my first vacation in a really long time. I had a kid. A little son, Matthew. So, it was really getting ready and kinda like a reset button. The last couple of months, I totally just didn’t want to do anything other than work out, relax and take care of my family. And now that (it’s) the New Year and I got that time and everything else like that, I think it’s just time to cook again and just really been focusing on that and what I want to do in the ring. I feel like before was more of a … it’s always entertainment, but it was a lot of entertainment before. And now, I think, the direction I’m going in, I’m going to be able to show the world what I can do in the ring and just present that version of myself rather than kind of a goofball on TV.”