Molly Holly Talks About The Only Conversation She Had With Vince McMaho

During an appearance on Sean Waltman’s Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly talked about her experiences with Vince McMahon:

“I didn’t have any conversations with Vince [McMahon]. The only conversation I’ve had with Vince in my entire career was when I asked to be released from my contract early. That’s the only time I’ve said more than ‘hello’ to him.” Holly continued: “So the way that I got hired was through Jim Ross and then throughout my time there, I’d talk with the writers or the head of talent relations but I didn’t really have any conversations with Vince,” added Holly. “It was a big deal for me to walk into his office and tell him thank you for everything and then that I’d like to close my chapter in pro wrestling. I wouldn’t say that I have a friendship with him or anything. He shook my hand and I took my picture with him and he was very nice.”

Molly also commented on a spot that was pitched for her and Trish Stratus:

“Before Fit Finlay became our agent, they had tried out a few other agents, and I’m not going to name names. There is an old school wrestler, who I love as a person, who got tried out as one of our agents and no lie is like ‘why don’t we do this spot where you put your face in Trish’s boobs and [motorboat].’ I’m like, ‘What? What are you talking about? Are we rewinding time?’ It was awful.”

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