Montez Ford Opens Up About Having Body Dysmorphia, Bianca Belair On RAW To Netflix

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford have been doing the media rounds to promote their reality show, which will premiere on Hulu on February 2nd.

Belair reacted to the announcement that WWE RAW will be moving to Netflix:

Belair said, “It’s big. I mean, I think it’s going to be great and I think that WWE is taking over on all platforms. We have RAW on Netflix now. You have our show going to Hulu. So, it’s cool. So now it’s like, do you want to be on RAW or do you want to be on SmackDown?”

Ford added, “Look now where we are. Netflix has 270 million subscribers. When I was watching The Rock as a kid and he would say millions and millions, it’s to the point now we are almost at the billions. It’s monumental news. It’s great for all the talent and staff and it’s good to see the world now ushering in on how much we love this and we can bring more to them.”

Belair’s initial reaction to being on the reality show, “Love & WWE: Bianca and Montez”:

“I was like, no. I’ve always been a person that was like, ‘I will never do reality TV. I don’t fit reality TV. I don’t want to do that. I would never, never, never’ and then I learned to never say never because they presented us with the opportunity and I will be honest to say we both jumped at it. We were like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ I think that we just saw it as an opportunity to show the WWE Universe not just who we are inside of the ring, but outside the ring, but more importantly, show people that might not necessarily be a WWE fan or know much about WWE to use this as an introduction to WWE. Show them what it means to be a WWE Superstar. Show them how much is involved.”

Belair on if their characters together will be part of the storyline:

“I think just for now we’re on our own personal journeys. There are things that I want to accomplish on my own. There’s things that he wants to accomplish on his own. I think that once we both do that and we feel we’re at the mountaintop, maybe we’ll meet together and be even bigger and better and then we have new goals, like goals together.”

Belair on why she prefers to be a babyface than a heel:

“I love being the good guy. I love being a babyface because it puts purpose to what I do, I feel it has a bigger impact, and I’m able to do stuff within the community. It’s just very purposeful, inspirational, and impactful, but that being said, when I was a heel in NXT, it was so much fun. I feel like being a heel is a lot easier. It’s a lot easier to get people to not like you then to get people to like you and keep liking you and keeping it fresh.”

Ford on having Body Dysmorphia:

“I am 100% my hardest critic. As calm and patient and collective as I am, I’m more hard on myself than anybody else. I think during the time period, it was just me not being satisfied with how I wanted to present the world to myself. The world was happy. My wife was happy. The family was happy. ‘You look great. You look great’, but I think sometimes people misunderstand if I’m feeling this way, this is not the world’s fault. This is something internally. By doing the competition (bodybuilding), it helped me get to where I wanted to get to and it got me established and happier with how I wanted to present myself. It was no one’s fault. I think this was something internally that I wanted to do for such a very, very, very long time. I’m so hard on my body presentation and the way I present myself in the ring. I think it was just a thing of gaining my own confidence within myself. It’s one thing to have the whole world praise you, but if it’s not within yourself, then it’s kind of for nothing.”

Ford on if he still has this issue and if he will continue to compete in bodybuilding:

“I still have it. It’s constantly like, okay, I did this competition. What can I improve on now? Even now, I’ve already started preparing for the next one and now I want to look 20 times better than I did on the last one and just keep raising it.”

You can check out the complete interview below:

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