Navy NCIS Documents State Ashley Massaro Was Treated At Camp LSA Around When She Was Sexually Assaulted

BJ Bethel, a former FOX19 WXIX Cincinnati reporter and current writer, posted documents from Navy NCIS indicating that former WWE star Ashley Massaro was treated at Camp LSA in July 2006. This would be around the time she claimed to have been sexually assaulted by someone posing as a doctor while WWE was on tour in Kuwait.

WWE previously claimed that they were never made aware of her sexual assault. John Laurinaitis, through his attorney, stated that top management was aware of the situation, but denied that a cover-up occurred.

According to the documents, NCIS stated the following regarding the case being closed:

“To date, no subject, scene, or witnesses have been identified. The reported victim is deceased, and no prosecutorial venue exists within the NCISRU Corpus Christi, TX area of responsibly.”

It pointed out that a Lieutenant Physician’s Assistant who was interviewed as part of the investigation was not mentioned in the report he received after filing a FOIA request with NCIS last month.

This investigation is in addition to those carried out by the Army and Air Force. Massaro committed suicide in 2019.

You can check out extracts from the documents below: