Netflix’s deal to stream the WWE’s biggest events from 2025 is great news for wrestling fans

WrestleMania XL was, without question, the most successful edition of World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) flagship event in history.

It was also further proof that the powers that be of the organisation know how to deliver entertainment like no other company around. Indeed, the WWE has a knack for tapping into the utmost desires of its fans in terms of the matches and characters they want to see. 

This unwavering dedication to giving fans value for money was the reason why we saw the Undertaker, the Rock, and John Cena play explosive roles at the Lincoln Financial Field during a jaw-dropping Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match.

It was, of course, under a dark night sky in Philadelphia that we not only witnessed some of the most celebrated performers of all time go head-to-head but also an end to Roman Reigns’ 1316 days as WWE Universal Champion. 

Few would argue that Cody Rhodes’ emotional victory wasn’t the perfect ending to an event where fans wouldn’t have felt short-changed as the curtain fell. 

Let the good times roll

Encouragingly for wrestling devotees, this trend of getting bang for their buck is scheduled to continue with Netflix set to be the new home of RAW and the company’s biggest events from 2025 onwards.

With Netflix subscription prices starting from as little as £3.95, the reality is that there isn’t going to be a better time to be a wrestling fan as the need for frustrating one-off pay-per-view payments will no longer be a concern.

The almost £4 billion deal that the WWE has struck with Netflix will run for ten years and may well sound the death knell for cable TV with one of the most established entertainment products of all time being added to the subscription video-on-demand streaming model.

Admittedly, it is an aggressive and costly move by Netflix but this bold strategy that the company has adopted in recent years has seen the streaming giant’s paid subscribers skyrocket with over 13 million new customers signing up in the fourth quarter of 2023 alone.

As things stand, Netflix has 260 million global subscribers and it is believed that the deal with the WWE could see that number rise to over 300 in the next 18 months. 

Where else can consumers get such a great deal? 

While both the WWE and Netflix stand to gain a considerable amount in terms of revenue in the long run, the real winners are the fans whose subscription costs have virtually been cut in half. Essentially, it’s hard to think of another industry where customers are as rewarded or get so much back. 

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Other than that, the wider point is that the WWE and Netflix’s collaboration will give fans unprecedented value for money during a time when most other companies are giving very little away. 

The future is now 

Crucially, these savings won’t come on the back of a watered-down product either as WrestleMania XL proved just how much the WWE has its finger on the pulse when it comes to creating history-making spectacles.

The future has never looked brighter for wrestling fans who will all soon be better off.