Nia Jax Speaks Out About Embarrassing Moment During Friday’s WWE SmackDown

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Friday night’s episode of WWE SmackDown saw Tiffany Stratton approach the 2024 Queen of the Ring Nia Jax in a backstage segment and tell The Irresistible Force that she has her back and they will be an unstoppable force together. Jax was then confronted by Michin and the O.C. member throw a drink in Jax’s face. Jax then launched Michin over a table, but as she tried to get up Jax would slip and fall due to the drink that was all over the floor.

Jax appeared on an episode of the SmackDown Lowdown, where she talked about a number of topics including the embarrassing moment she experienced this past Friday.

Jax said, “I don’t know what her problem is.” “She keeps getting in my face, probably because she’s jealous that I am the Queen of the Ring and she’s just a little peasant. With a gallon of coffee where I’m slipping. There should have been a red carpet at my feet.”

“You know, if Tiffany really wants to team up with me, she would have been proactive and had a red carpet at my feet so I wouldn’t have slipped. Whatever. At the end of the day, Michin deserves a good butt whoopin’ and I’m ready to give it to her.”

You can check out Jax’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)