Nic Nemeth Talks People Reaching Out To Him Following His WWE Release

Nic Nemeth (F.K.A. Dolph Ziggler in WWE) had a conversation with TNA Wrestling’s Instagram account on a number of topics including how a number of people reached out to him following his release from WWE telling him they wanted him in their company.

Nemeth said, “I had a lot of time to think in the last three, four, five, six months, to where, what can I do to extend my legacy, but also have an entirely different chapter, a different mindset, a different person? I said, I really feel like I’m a wanted man because the day I left my last job, I had so many, I’m so lucky that I had so many people reach out, not to say thank you or whatever, none of that stuff, congrats. A bunch of people reached out instantly and said, ‘We want you here.’ I go, man, it is great to feel that. I’m very fortunate and lucky that people [said], ‘How can we get you? What can we do?’ I was like, I’m kind of a wanted man, it got me more excited, like I’m back in, okay. I was like, ‘I could show up and be a hired gun here. I could take this guy out, and we could go run. I’m figuring out, where could we go, and I watched TNA go to IMPACT and become TNA in this special moment at Hard To Kill, where this is a coming-out party for TNA again. I go, that could be a perfect fit. Hopefully, I can back it up in the ring, other than just talking about it and showing up.”

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)