NXT Gold Rush Night 2 Review – June 27, 2023

NXT Gold Rush Night 2 Review – June 27, 2023

Women’s Title Match
Tiffany Stratton (c) vs. Thea Hail

Match starts off with a lock up then Tiffany Stratton & Thea Hail take turns locking in submissions and rolling each other up as Charlie Dempsey & Drew Gulak saunter down to ringside. Hail delivers a dropkick that sends Stratton to the outside and looks to go flying off the ropes but Stratton trips her before tossing her back in the ring then lands a handspring elbow and a kick then plants Hail as we go to a break.

After the break Hail delivers a Codebreaker to Stratton and plants her face first then she delivers a pair of back elbows and a suplex then delivers Chase U Stomps and a senton. Stratton sends Hail crashing into the mat and locks in a hold. Stratton inches her way to the bottom rope but Dempsey pulls it away from her.

The referee catches him doing this and Duke Hudson begins to berate him as the referee argues with Gulak. Meanwhile Hail locks in the Kimura Lock on Stratton taps but the referee fails to notice and Hail begins arguing with him so Stratton takes advantage of the chaos and rolls Hail up for the win.

Winner & Still Women’s Champion: Tiffany Stratton (9:08) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!!)
Rate: 6

After the match Gulak & Dempsey attack Hudson. Hail asks what they’re doing before Andre Chase runs down to the ring and Chase U takes out Gulak & Dempsey.

We then head over to a video hyping up Ilja Dragunov.

Backstage NXT Tag Team Champions Gallus spoke that they would retain the tag titles tonight and take care of Stacks.

We see Edris Enofe & Malik Blade hyping each other up ahead of their match against Gallus.

There was a backstage segment showing Kehlani Jordan & Dana Brooke from the trainers room. Brooke told Jordan that her gymnastic skills pay off. Brooke told Jordan that she would like to face her whenever she heals up.

NXT Tag Team Titles Match
Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) (c) vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Mark Coffey & Malik Blade lock up to get this match started then Coffey delivers a shoulder tackle before Wolfgang tags in and locks up with Blade then Edris Enofé tags in and delivers an elbow drop to Wolfgang as Blade holds him in place then delivers a boot to his face. Coffey tags back in and Enofé executes an arm drag then makes the tag out to Blade.

Blade lands a back elbow and a few chops, then tags Enofé in & Enofé & Blade catches Coffey & Wolfgang with a pair of double dropkicks. Blade tags in and ascends to the top then delivers a Frog Splash as Los Lotharios appear to watch on as we go to a break.

After the break Blade delivers a dropkick before Wolfgang tags in and rains down right hands then tags Coffey in & Coffey wears down Blade then tags Wolfgang back in & Wolfgang locks in a hold before tagging Coffey back in. Enofé tags in and delivers a dropkick then takes down Wolfgang. Coffey lands an uppercut, but Enofé catches him with a spinebuster and tags Blade back in.

Blade & Enofé deliver a double team maneuver before ascending to the top rope. Blade delivers a splash and Enofé follows it up with an elbow drop. Enofé goes for a pin but Wolfgang breaks the fall. Blade ties Wolfgang up in the ropes and while the referee gets him untangled Stacks appears.

He sets up for a running uppercut on Coffey but Coffey ducks out of the way and Stacks accidentally hits Enofé then Wolfgang tags in and Gallus lands their finisher for the win.

Winners & Still NXT Tag Team Champions: Gallus (13:18) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!)
Rate: 6

After the break Meta 4 are standing by with McKenzie Mitchell. Mitchell asks Noam Dar about losing his Heritage Cup and Noam Dar says he isn’t ready to talk. Mitchell tries digging deeper but Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson keep her from doing so and put Women’s Tag Team Champions Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler on notice.

Ava says she called for a family meeting because the tensions are becoming turmoil. She says the only way to be one again is to communicate and Joe Gacy invites them to do so. Jagger Reid explains that Gacy promised to better their lives when he brought them into the group but the opposite of that is occurring. He says himself & Rip Fowler are starting to doubt him and Gacy thanks Reid for his honesty. He says his trouble angers him and while Reid has enhanced his life, he wouldn’t have been able to say what he did before because Fowler wouldn’t let him. He says he gave them both a home.

Fowler says Gacy showed them a new way but himself & Reid have started seeing cracks as of late. He says the 2 of them have started to see who they are and Gacy questions if they fully committed themselves in the 1st place. He says they are all different than when they started and they are shells of who they were a year ago.

Diamond Mine’s music hits and Brutus Creed says they’re sick of their issues. Fowler tells them that this doesn’t concern them and Julius Creed says it does after Ava hit Ivy Nile with her mask several weeks ago. Julius says since The Dyad don’t want to be there and they don’t want them here. Gacy says they’ll receive another match if they want and proposes a tag team match between Creed Brothers & The Dyad but with a twist the losers leave NXT & Julius agree the match.

There was a video package of Bronco Nima & Lucien Price recapping their childhood before promising to dominate NXT.

Backstage Hank Walker & Tank Ledger are talking with Scrypts & Axiom before Heritage Champion Nathan Frazer met them. Axiom wished Frazer in his match. Scrypts asked Axiom if he was interested in the Heritage Cup but Axiom responded by saying that he was drawn to it.

After the break we go backstage to NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams as Hayes prepares for his NXT Title match later then Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley walks in and tells Hayes that his business is now Judgment Day’s business after he help Seth Rollins last week.

Heritage Cup Title Match
Nathan Frazer (c) vs. Dragon Lee

Round 1

Nathan Frazer & Dragon Lee shake hands then lock up then they go back & forth with submission holds and Axiom saunters down to ringside. Lee executes a snapmare and a dropkick to Frazer’s head and they lock up again before the clock runs out.

Round 2

Lee lands a shoulder tackle but Frazer fires back with a dropkick and a chop but Lee lands a back elbow and a dragon screw then he sits Frazer on the top rope and executes a hurricanrana then he goes for a pin but Frazer reverses it into a fall of his own for the win.

Frazer 1-0

Round 3

Frazer delivers a Sling Blade and follows it up with a hurricanrana. Lee dropkicks him out of the ring then goes flying over the top and levels him as we go to a break.

Round 4

After the break Frazer delivers a tope suicida to Lee then he tosses him back in the ring and delivers an enziguri but Frazer fires back with a superkick then Lee delivers a Last Ride to get the win.

Dragon Lee 1-1

Round 5 

Lee delivers a dropkick then Frazer lands a superkick then ascends to the top rope but Lee meets him up there and drapes him from his knees but Frazer suplexes him into the corner before both men end up on the top rope.

Frazer lands a superplex but Lee plants him with a powerbomb then they go back & forth with right hands before rolling one another up before Frazer got 1 to stick for the win with 1 second left.

Frazer 2-1

Winner & Still Heritage Cup Champion: Nathan Frazer (13:02) (Round 5) (2-1) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!!)
Rate: 8 (Recommend)

After the match Lee hands Frazer his cup and they hug one another.

We then head to a video of Eddy Thorpe training with Gable Steveson. Thorpe invites him to be in his corner next week when he collides with Damon Kemp in their NXT Underground match and Steveson says it would be his honor.

North American Champion Wes Lee & Myles Borne spoke backstage before Mustafa Ali interrupted him. Ali said that he called it right in the middle but Tyler Bate interrupted. Bate requested a rematch but Ali requested that he wanted a shot too. Ali & Bate argued backstage before Wes Lee left.

Backstage Mr. Stone spoke with Von Wagner & Wagner said that he could not speak with Mr. Stone right now after relieving his childhood trauma.

Gigi Dolan vs. Kiana James

Match starts off with a lock up then they go back & forth with submission holds before Gigi Dolin lands a kick on Kiana James and follows it up with a dropkick then they tumble to the outside as we go to a break.

After the break Dolin delivers a back body drop to James then James rolls out of the ring and Dolin follows her. James lands a boot then tosses Dolin back in the ring and goes for a pin. Dolin kicks out and delivers a knee then follows it up with a kick and a pair of clotheslines.

She then lands a boot but James lands a kick and grabs her purse in the corner but the referee catches her and Dolin wrestles it out of her hand then delivers a Crucifix Driver for the win.

Winner: Gigi Dolan (9:04)
Rate: 5

After the match James hits Dolin with her purse then delivers 401K before retrieving a couple of cans of orange and blue paint out of the purse and dumps them all over Dolin.

We then head over to a video of Joe Coffey visiting Tony D’Angelo in prison. D’Angelo says Stacks will handle things and Coffey warns him that Stacks has a mind of his own. He says Stacks was the one who sold him out and plays an audio clip of Stacks confessing to doing so last week. The audio reveals that Stacks released Coffey last week and told him to lay low before saying he’s done being the underboss.

There was a video showing Blair Davenport attacking Roxanne Perez backstage while she was doing UpNXT on Snapchat.

Jacy Jayne is talking trash about Lyra Valkyria with Tatum Paxley & Brooklyn Barlow before Valkyria nails Jayne with a forearm strike. Jayne was flabbergasted by Valkyria’s forearm until Rhea Ripley confronted her and said that she kind of deserved it.

We go backstage The Dyad spoke with Ava Raine with The Dyad saying that they were frustrated by Gacy making decisions for him. Dyad said that if Gacy did not a strategy for them, they would make one of their own.

NXT Title Match
Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Baron Corbin

Match starts off with a lock up then Baron Corbin chucks Carmelo Hayes into the corner then plants him but Hayes responds with a Codebreaker and ascends to the top rope as Corbin slides out of the ring then Hayes lands a splash as we go to a break.

After the break Corbin dumps Hayes out of the ring then Hayes delivers a kick to his head but Corbin dumps him over the barricade. Hayes rains down right and left hands but Corbin lands a boot that turns Hayes inside out then tosses him back in the ring and rains down hammer and anvil elbows then delivers a right hand to his spine.

Hayes fires back with a dropkick and an enziguri then delivers a boot to his midsection before Corbin lands a backbreaker and a elbow then delivers a right hand to his head and fires off a series of elbow strikes. He lands a clothesline before Hayes ascends to the top and delivers a Frog Splash then follows it up with Fade Away and a Codebreaker then lands a springboard DDT and ascends to the top rope.

Hayes goes flying but Corbin ducks out of the way and gets Hayes up on his shoulders. He plants him with a Death Valley Driver and a chokeslam/backbreaker combination before the action spills to the outside and Hayes sends Corbin into the ring steps shoulder first. Corbin then powerbombs Hayes on top of the announce table and wears him down before tossing him back inside the ring and going for a pin.

Hayes kicks out and Corbin rains down right hands then Hayes delivers a knee to Corbin’s midsection then delivers a 2nd one to his head then he runs the ropes but Corbin catches him with Deep Six and goes for a pin but Hayes kicks out.

Corbin sets up for End Of Days but Hayes escapes and sends his face bouncing off the top rope then ascends to the top rope and lands Nothing But Net for the win.

Winner & Still NXT Champion: Carmelo Hayes (16:32) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!!)
Rate: 7

We then go backstage and see Bron Breakker emerge from Shawn Michaels’ office as he yells at him to figure it out then the cameraman asks what that was all about and Breakker says he’ll find out alongside everyone else next week.

Matches Of The Night

Heritage Cup Title Match

NXT Title Match

Next Week’s NXT 

NXT Underground Match
Eddy Thorpe vs. Damon Kemp

Tag Team Losers Leaves NXT Match
Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus) vs. The Dyad (Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler)

Roxanne Perez vs. Blair Davenport

Mustafa Ali vs. Tyler Bate