Oba Femi Wants To Achieve An “Aura” With His Ring Entrance

WWE NXT North American Champion Oba Femi recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Bill Prichard on a number of topics including his ring entrance.

“Well, the march to the ring especially, it has more to do with the entrance theme song than it has to do with any necessary character presentation. People have definitely seen that strut before, but most people are not sure where they’ve seen it. If you look from the Buddy Rogers to the Ric Flair to the Oba Femis, it’s the same thing. It’s just done slightly differently, and there are different renditions of it. It flows with the beat. The strut and all that stuff, a lot of those additions have been, again, organic, because it goes with the beat, so I started doing it and I kept doing it because it made sense.”

On taking his time to get to the ring similar to Undertaker:

“It felt like a march to war. As a march of confidence as opposed to a charge. I’ve never understood why your music hits and then you bolt to the ring and you spend as little time on camera as possible. What is that? Why are you doing my personal why are you running? There’s no need to do that. If you take your time, there’s a certain comfort and confidence that goes with that. Look at The Undertaker’s entrance. It takes 10 minutes, but that’s 10 minutes of anticipation, confidence, and aura. So that’s the same thing I tried to adapt.”

You can check out Femi’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)