Randy Orton Speaks Out About WWE’s Creative Process Under Vince McMahon

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Randy Orton gave a quick interview with Adam’s Apple about how the WWE creative process has changed now that Triple H is in charge and Vince McMahon is no longer with the company, among other topics.

On doing more acting:

“I was just talking to Cody Rhodes about this yesterday in Marseille, France. And I really love what I’m doing now. I love watching movies. There’s a lot of work that goes into them, 10-12 hours a day on set. I do auditions. I’m with UTA, and I turn in some auditions. I do some self-tapes here and there. But sometimes I’ll see these roles pop up a year or two later that I don’t get, and I’ll see, and I’ll be like man, I’m glad I didn’t get that role. Yeah, I would have busted my ass, wrestled, flown out, filmed, wrestled just for this. And it would have done nothing for me. And I don’t mean to sound like an egotistical prick, but in my bubble, in my world, in wrestling, I’m up here. I go to acting. I’m down here. Listen, if someone wants to say, hey, you want to read to be the next villain in this movie? sh*t Yeah. But these like little parts and stuff they’re throwing at me, it’s like, man, let me just have the time to go home each week to my family, be a father, be a husband, and play with my dogs in the yard. Yeah, I enjoy myself off time, so unless it’s a project that I’m just unable to turn down. Yeah, I kind of like what I’m doing right now.”

On how WWE has changed:

“With Nick Khan, Triple H, and Bruce Prichard, so many things have changed from a creative standpoint. They’re thinking months and months and months in advance. Before, we were kind of flying by the seat of our pants. Creative was changed minutes before we went live each week. I don’t mean sometimes. I mean, each week creative was changed. It’d be 05:00 p.m. You’d be on the East Coast going live in two or 3 hours, and you wouldn’t know what you were doing, you know, and that’s a very stressful environment, and you’re not going to have the best product in the world if you’re doing it like that every week. So just purely from a creative standpoint, you’re able to let it marinate and think about, okay, how am I gonna do this? Or how can I make this better? Or maybe there are tweaks, but you don’t do it ten minutes before you go live.”

You can check out the interview below:

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)