Recent Photo Of Shane McMahon At New York Yankees Baseball Game

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Shane McMahon seems to be in good spirits while away from WWE.

The son of Vince McMahon was last seen on WWE programming at WrestleMania 39, where he was injured in a match. On the show’s second night, The Miz worked an impromptu match against McMahon, thanks to co-host Snoop Dogg setting up the match.

Unfortunately, Shane tore his quad during the match while attempting a leapfrog and landed the wrong way down. Shane attempted to get up but quickly fell back down. Snoop was instructed to punch The Miz, and the two engaged in a quick on-the-fly match in which the rapper won.

This was his first match since the 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble, when his future appearances were canceled due to reported backstage behavior. Since Mania, there has been no discussion of using him on WWE television, especially since Vince is no longer with the company.

Shane recently attended a New York Yankees baseball game, as shown below: