Renee Young Talks About Her Commentary Being Criticized

In an interview with AMBY, Renee Young talked about being criticized for her commentary work in WWE:

“Prior to me filling in and taking over that role, like I wasn’t groomed for that spot. I wasn’t at NXT doing it, I wasn’t in the booth doing it. So I am learning this entirely new skill on Monday Night Raw. So it’s like, ‘Yeah, no pressure babe, go out there and crush it.’ So it’s cool. There’s good days, there’s bad days, and I’m always open to learning. I’m always open to criticisms.”

“I think sometimes you have to be careful on like, how often you take those criticisms. Because everybody — like, even if it’s good, even if I go backstage after Raw and you run into five, ten different people who want to have an opinion on it, you can’t take everybody’s opinions. You’ve gotta weed through that, and it’s just navigating those waters. But yeah, it’s nice to just sort of be honest with myself and be honest with other people. Because yeah man, I’m in a spot and trying to make the most of it.”