Ricochet Addresses Talk Heading Into Tag Showcase Match At WrestleMania 39

Ricochet recently appeared as a guest on The Babyfaces podcast for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During the discussion, the high-flying fan-favorite WWE veteran addressed the talk leading up to WrestleMania 39 and how he felt the tag-team showcase match was “so fun.”

“That match was so fun,” he said. “I know that leading up to it, everyone was saying what they needed to say.”

Ricochet continued, “I know, I saw it, I heard it. We all heard it, everyone in that match. We were like, ‘Alright, bet, watch. Watch and see.’ It was so much fun. That match was so much fun.”

Check out the complete interview at iHeart.com. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the above quotes.