Road Dogg On If Braun Strowman Can Still Be A Top Star In WWE

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events “Road Dogg” Brian James took to an episode of his “Oh… You Didn’t Know?” podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including how Braun Strowman can still be a top star in WWE.

Road Dogg said, “Yes, that’s the short answer. Yes, he can still be a top guy because I’ve seen him recently go out there and be the most over guy out there in his match and rip that shirt off and people go nuts. When he comes back, he has been presenting himself differently and looked at, I believe, differently. He definitely has some upside still to him. And could he be the top guy? Yeah. The only thing that made me pause at all was the promo. I think he just needs to work on his promo still. But he hadn’t had a chance to do a lot of sit down interviews where you hear Braun Strowman. Because the idea of the monster, Braun Strowman turning over a rental bus or whatever is more marketable than hearing the guy talk about his back pain and his reality. Here’s my test. Here’s my test: will he put a three piece suit on and go on the Today Show? And sell my company for me. And that’s not my company. I’m just talking like the big guy and go on and represent and and chill my wares in a way that’s positive and promotable. And so I think he could do that. I think you’d probably look great in a frigging suit, to tell you the truth. And I think he could totally do that. I just, I just think the promo game is the only thing I think would give me pause.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.