Rumored Name For This Year’s WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE has begun to announce names for the Hall of Fame ceremony, and Paul Heyman will be inducted this year in Philadelphia. Fans widely expected Heyman’s name because Philadelphia is the home of ECW. Heyman is be the first name announced during the Triple H era.

WWE is announcing names later than usual because in previous years (prior to the pandemic), the headliner was usually announced shortly after the Royal Rumble to increase ticket sales. However, with the HOF ceremony taking place right after SmackDown, there is no need to announce names so early.

Also, some names would leak weeks or months before their official announcement, but nothing has leaked this year. On Wrestling Observer Radio, while discussing Paul Heyman, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez mentioned one name who is rumored to be in this year.

Alvarez asked Meltzer, “Any other names you’ve heard rumored? I heard rumors about Haku.” Meltzer said, “Oh yeah, I heard those rumors too but I don’t know.”

Haku is one of the most respected names in the wrestling business, and now that The Rock is on the TKO board, his chances of getting in appear to have increased because he considers The Rock to be family. Again, this has not been confirmed, but it is interesting that his name has been rumored.