Sean Waltman Looks Back On His Time In WCW, Talks About Becoming Syxx

WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman recently spoke with Monopoly Events’ For The Love of Wrestling on a number of topics including his time in WCW.

Waltman said, “It was just crazy because it wasn’t as organized, but a lot of times that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing… At least for us, because it was just fun and kind of chaotic… We’d end up going out –- don’t get me wrong, it was frustrating, but ’cause there was a lot of great talent there, we’d all just go out and still end up with great shows somehow. Yeah, it just worked. Like even though sometimes they shouldn’t have, they ended up working.”

On becoming Syxx:

“I went from being 1-2-3 Kid, who a lot of people knew, then I go become part of the nWo and it just was a whole different thing. Everybody knew who you were. I was blown away by it.”

You can check out Waltman’s comments in the video below.