Sheamus Speaks Out About His Health and Break From WWE

While appearing on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, Sheamus discussed his health:

“I think everyone on the main roster is dealing with injuries. There’s definitely been a lot with me. Obviously, my neck is one of those rumors, but honestly Corey, the last seven months I’ve been off I’ve been doing really, really well. I’ve been in the gym working really hard and focusing a lot on fitness and my well being diet and nutrition.”

“I’ve had a chance to go around and pretty much travel the globe. I was down in Malaysia and the Philippines for tour with WWE. I’ve been back to Ireland a couple of times and also Japan for the World Cup. Time off is great, you know? A little bit of time off can help heal the body because god knows from my perspective for WWE Superstars — the guys and girls — to do what we do there is no harder job. People can talk about other sports until they’re blue in the face, to be honest, but there’s no one who works as hard as we do. There’s no athletes that can do what we do.”

“Generally I kinda unplugged for a little bit. I wanted to get my head back — my head straight. When I knew I was about to make a return I started getting into it watching everything — RAW, SmackDown, NXT — you know just to catch up on what’s going on. Honestly, after watching Survivor Series my appetite to get back was stronger than ever.”