Sonny Kiss Talks How He Was Contacted For AEW, Reveals Lucha Underground Salary

During the latest edition of Chris Jericho’s “Talk is Jericho” podcast, Sonny Kiss commented on how he was contacted to be a part of AEW, how much he was paid in Lucha Underground, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how he first got contacted to join AEW: “So Brandi slid into my DMs. [laughs] I always say it like that. It’s just always so funny. She messaged me, she goes, ‘Are you signed anywhere? Hi Sonny. It’s nice to meet you. We would like you to come to a show.’ I think it was like May 25th, Double or Nothing. So she was like ‘Yeah, are you signed anywhere?’ I was like, ‘Yes, but I could still do other bookings.’ [I was signed to] Lucha Underground. I was signed, thankfully we were allowed to do everything but the other company [WWE], so I was able to do it. But I didn’t get my official contract until way after.”

On the difficulty of getting out of his Lucha Underground contract: “It was a nightmare. We were probably maybe making four grand a year. We couldn’t sign anywhere else at all. And there was times I couldn’t pay my cellphone bill, anything. Like, I can’t even contribute to my rent. It was bad … [Pentagon & Fenix] were amongst the first to get out though. I was really happy for them and everybody. I was amongst the last.”

On Cody reassuring him amid the situation: “Cody was like, ‘Don’t worry. We’re gonna still book you to the moon. And we’re gonna make sure you’re still here.’ Which was great, I really appreciate him for that. But I didn’t get my contract until maybe — so January was when they announced AEW. I didn’t get the contract until TV happened in October. It was brutal.”

(h/t 411mania)