Steve Austin Comments On The Wrestling Product Regressing

During his recent podcast, Steve Austin gave his critique of the current wrestling product:

“There’s a lot of demand for new people in the business, so sometimes they’re not as honed up as they need to be, so you see a lot of holes out there. It’s not an indictment on the system or anybody because you still have your veterans out there doing a lot of solid work and people doing athletic things and that’s cool, but the work – the work – has regressed as things have sped up, just as far as being able to see through the illusion.”

He continued, “When you’re green, you think bumping is the ticket. I’ve got to bump a lot because that’s what’s going to elicit a response,’ or ‘taking bumps is the ticket,’ or ‘that’s the way to do it.’ Eh, it’s a means to an end and there needs to be a reason that you’re taking all those bumps. The biggest mistake that green guys make is doing things too fast.”