Sting’s Son Garrett Borden On His Father Never Having A Match Against The Undertaker

Pro wrestling legend “The Icon” Sting and Darby Allin defended the AEW World Tag Team Championships against The Young Bucks (Matthew Jackson and Nicholas Jackson) in a Texas Tornado Tag Team Match in the main event of AEW Revolution, with Sting’s sons Garrett and Stephen dressed up as past versions of The Icon.

Garrett Borden recently spoke with’s Steve Fall on a number of topics including the backtage atmosphere at Revolution.

Borden said, “It was good. I mean, obviously, my dad kind of wanted his space. He didn’t say he wanted to space, but we just knew like, alright, this is his last match. So, you know, Stephen and I were definitely nervous. We were really excited. But we were like, ‘We cannot mess this up. Absolutely not.’ We wanted to go all in and just make sure it’s as perfect as possible. Even though it was such a small part of the match. You know, we still were like, ‘It just has to be perfect.’ My dad had this image in his head, and he kept talking about how he just wanted it to be. He didn’t tell us, ‘You better make it perfect.’ But he said, ‘You know, I have this vision of kind of what I want it to be and I want people to really just be wowed by it.’ And so Stephen and I knew that we just had to do whatever we could possible to make that happen. Obviously, my dad’s part was 99.9% of it, and it was totally awesome. All the crazy stuff that he does. And I think once he showed up, everybody was like, ‘Okay, Sting. Yeah, that’s what we care about.’ Now. It was like a cool little flashback with us. But yeah, just just absolutely wild the whole day.”

On being part of his father’s retirement match:

“Yeah, thankfully, my brother and I have gotten in like a total of three fights in our whole life. We really are just best friends. And so we’re just always there for each other, we get along and everything. It’s like the rarest brother relationship. Like we’re just bros. You know, it sounds funny to say that, but as far as you know, who gets to play who? There really was never any fight or anything like that. I remember I sent a picture of myself. It was like a post-workout pic to my dad, you know, ‘hey, here’s some progress,’ maybe seven years ago, and I think he put it side by side. Or maybe I put it side by side with one of his old pictures and like a similar pose. And he just said, ‘You look just like surfer Sting. Oh, my goodness.’ It’s like a flashback. And then Stephen obviously had long hair for a few years, a couple of years ago. And he looked just like Wolfpack era Crow or you know, 90s era Crow Sting. And so I think we just naturally knew, ‘All right, Garrett is going to be surfer, Stephen’s going to be crow.’ There wasn’t any sort of debate on it. And plus, I was a little excited to bleach my hair. I’ve always wanted an excuse to do it. And finally, I got one.”

The moment they had with their father in the ring:

“I was telling myself going into the weekend. ‘Just soak it all in, enjoy every moment, make everything last. Don’t waste any time because it will be over.’ And that was the saddest thought to me, so it was also bittersweet. And just walking up to the ring after the match after it went off the air. I don’t think that we got any time on air. But we were walking out and that moment that we had in the ring. Just me, Stephen, and Dad hugging it out was just one of the greatest moments ever. And it was cool. I just couldn’t stop smiling. You know, I just didn’t want it to end. And I think he didn’t want it to end, either. Because you know, in a way, at that moment, it was so beautiful, so perfect. And all the fans just given him praise. It was just great. And he definitely soaked it all in to made sure to visit with everybody, and everybody got to have that one-on-one time with him, so I couldn’t have thought of a perfect day and a more perfect, and to it, I really did feel like I soaked it into, thankfully, yes.”

His father never getting the chance to wrestle The Undertaker in a match:

“I know that he has always been one of it’s probably the most requested match ever for him. ‘Why have you never wrestled Undertaker?’ It just makes sense that the two mysterious characters. And, of course, I wanted that to happen at some point. And I know he did, too. It’s a bummer that it never happened. But I think that everything that he did in AEW has just been, I think it’s some of his best stuff, if not the best stuff that he was able to do. And some of the matches. I mean, I think a lot of the thing is like, ‘Dude, you’re 64. What? How are you doing that?’ And I think it’s just been so cool to see, but of course, yeah, Undertaker versus Sting unfortunately never happened. It’s sad.”

You can check out Borden’s comments in the video below.