Tama Tonga Had “No Clue” That He Would Be Debuting On WWE SmackDown Last Week

Tama Tonga made a big impression in his WWE debut last Friday night on SmackDown. Tonga and Solo Sikoa attacked Jimmy Uso, then destroyed Paul Heyman’s phone before Heyman could call Roman Reigns.

For months, there have been rumors that Tonga would sign with WWE. Karl Anderson, speaking on Busted Open Radio, stated that Tonga is exactly what WWE needs because of his appearance and experience.

“I think he’s got the perfect look,” Anderson said. “He’s got exactly what WWE needs. I think it’s great that Tama has had 15 or 16 years, all in New Japan Pro Wrestling, to come into WWE and show them that experience and that he is ready for prime time. I think that it’s unlimited right now for what Tama Tonga can pull off in the WWE. I’m excited to watch man.”

Anderson stated that Tonga had no idea he would be making his SmackDown debut when he arrived last Friday. He said. “Just knowing that he was coming last Friday, he had texted me and told me he was going to show up in the city. He had no clue he was going to debut that night either, which is kind of WWE style. They’ll bring you in and then you gotta debut. They told him he was debuting and it was pretty fun to watch my friend and brother go through the fact that he knows he’s about to go on live national television for the first time ever, really. I’m proud of him.”

Anderson praised what Tonga did in his debut, “I thought he knocked it out of the park. He looked amazing, which he always does and I think he’s ready. I think the world’s ready for Tama. I think his attitude, the way he is, he’s an opinionated guy. He’s a charismatic guy. He’s a bit insane. I’m so glad he’s in that Bloodline storyline because now he’s involved with the tippy top guys. He’s got Paul Heyman right there who’s always creatively the genius that he is. It doesn’t get much cooler, especially if you’re a Bullet Club fan and that has followed for so long.”

The storyline’s direction is unclear as Solo Sikoa appears to have decided to take over the faction from Roman Reigns. The next chapters in the story will unfold over the next few weeks and months.

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(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)