The Best Wrestling Games to Play in 2023

(Photo Credit: 2K)

Wrestling as a competitive sport has been popular for a really long time. So when digital gaming became a thing, it was only a matter of time before wrestling got its own digital version. And it is not the preserve of just hardcore gaming enthusiasts anymore. Faster and easily available internet, smartphones and better technology have made games like wrestling available to many new players now. TV watchers who used to only see wrestling as a sport can now have their own characters to play with across gaming devices.

Here are six of the best wrestling games to play in 2023:

  1. RetroMania Wrestling

If you liked the popular WWF WrestlingFest arcade game, chances are you will enjoy RetroMania Wrestling too. Its vintage feel adds to the texture of the game. With familiar faces, it includes wrestlers like Tommy Dreamer, Jeff Cobb and Nick Aldis among others. It also offers plenty of choices, with over 15 arenas. There are also three different gaming modes that support multiple players. What makes the game really interesting is the ongoing commentary that builds up the excitement and creates a TV-like ambience. The fact that it has simple pickup and play controls also adds to its user-friendliness. 

  1. Action Arcade Wrestling

Like RetroMania, VICO Game Studio’s Action Arcade Wrestling is also retro-inspired. It is a nice reminder of games like Night Slam Masters and Wrestle War. But make no mistake, it is technologically advanced. It boasts 3D cel-shaded graphics and has over 700 handcrafted animations. It is a fun gaming experience with dramatic manoeuvres and offers an array of characters too. Interestingly, community-made wrestlers can be downloaded in this game too, as well as customised. For customisation, players can access the Wrestle Lab Creation Suite, which comes free. 

  1. WWE 2K19

The game has the advantage of history. And it highlights that fact well, with a wide range of characters. WWE Superstars, Hall of Gamers and NXT players, all feature in the game. There is the option of the classic 3D WWE gameplay, but players also have the choice of new creative tools and matches. One of the key distinguishing factors of the game is its arcade-like feel as opposed to a simulation experience. There is also a sense of drama to it, created by the urgency of the characters. It also has great gameplay, making it a popular one among gamers. 

  1. Circle of Sumo

For players who want to indulge in a wrestling game with a difference, this one is ideal. This free game, as the name suggests, allows players to engage in the ancient sport of Japanese sumo wrestling. For players entering as Sumotori wrestlers, there can be competition with up to three players across some wild arenas. These arenas look deceptively simple but can have a lot of pitfalls that players need to navigate. In total, there are five rounds to be played. Players have options to make their characters distinct with cosmetic items.  What separates it from the others is the uniqueness of the theme and characters. Besides this, it is also physics-led, giving it a nice scientific touch. 

  1. WrestleMania Slots

Online betting games like those developed by Virgin Games, have also taken to weaving wrestling into their games. A good example is WrestleMania Slots, which like many other digital games is based on the WWE wrestling franchise. It has a variety of characters to choose from that include the likes of John Cena, The Rock and Triple H. 

Slot games have been popular for the longest time. In fact, even today, any brick-and-mortar casino offers an array of slot games. They are simple to understand and offer good encouragement to any newbie. In the online world, constant excitement is generated by offering different themes. Wrestling is one such example for fans of the sport. 

  1. Fire Pro Wrestling World

The latest in the Fire Pro series, it differentiates itself by having a lot of content. There are match types to be chosen from and over 1,000 wrestlers to be added to players’ rosters. In fact, you can also make adjustments that transform the wrestlers to make them behave like their real-life versions. It is an in-depth wrestling game that you can play for hours and enjoy great entertainment. 

Great entertainment

The world of gaming is vast, and becoming ever more entertaining. Plenty of themes are captured in it, and a popular one is wrestling. Wrestling themes spun off from the original WWE continue to be hugely liked by gamers. The sense of an arcade, slick gameplay, a variety of characters and multiple arenas offer a great experience. But even ancient wrestling sports like Sumo wrestling are popular among players, offering a unique environment to play with. Further, wrestling games are even woven into casino games like slots, to make the experience double the fun.