The Rock Shoots Down “Horses**t” Report That TKO Want Him To Follow WWE TV-PG Guidelines

The Rock himself is the best person to respond to a story that has been circulating for the past week regarding The Rock and the language used in his promos.

As previously reported by SEScoops and Dave Meltzer, there has been some frustration among WWE talent about the double standard that comes with The Rock’s return to television, as he uses a lot of adult language in his promos.

There was a belief that the double standard established during Vince McMahon’s reign was over once Triple H took over, but this is not the case. Nick Khan, Triple H, and Dan Ventrelle (Executive Vice President of Talent) recently sent a memo to talent reminding them that the company is PG-13 and does not allow cursing on TV or social media, and then Rock returned doing the exact opposite.

According to reports, talent was informed that because the company is publicly traded, “the wishes of TKO management were for WWE to be TV-PG and he’s on the board, that if anything, he should be the one following the rules to set the example.” WWE did allow Cody Rhodes to push the envelope with his promo on Monday’s episode of Raw, which served to advance their program ahead of the WrestleMania 40 tag-team match.

The Rock took to Twitter overnight to respond to reports that TKO wanted him to set an example and follow TV-PG product guidelines.