The Undertaker Opens Up About His WWE WrestleMania 40 Appearance

(Photo Credit: WWE)

On his “Six Feet Under” podcast, The Undertaker discussed his appearance at WrestleMania 40 during the main event between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes.

The Undertaker appeared on today’s Busted Open Radio show and was asked about a phone call he received during the week of the show. Taker stated that Paul “Triple H” Levesque called him to see if he wanted to do anything at Mania. Taker stated that the first question he asked was, “Is everyone on board with that because you run the risk of being a huge distraction to something that’s been 2 years in the building.”

He said that he told Triple H that he would be available if needed because he would be at the show, but he emphasized that he did not want to be a distraction and that his feelings would not be hurt if he was not used on the show. Taker stated that by Saturday, he knew it was possible that he would be used on the show, and on Sunday, while in the suite with his family, he received a text informing him that it was happening.

Taker stated, “I look at it like this. Some people will probably question my business acumen and my business sense. WWE has been so good to me. I’m there. It wasn’t about me. I felt like once I heard what they wanted to do, this makes sense. This is a complete Dusty finish. If you want me to do it, I’m there for ya. I didn’t need to hold anybody up over any money because my goodness. That being said, if I had known how far I was gonna have to run to get into position, now that might have changed the whole equation. I don’t know if they could have paid me enough. Holy crap, I got these new knees. I’ve worked out and I’ve hiked but I haven’t run on them and I had to run through the bowl of the field there and trying to be elusive and not be seen. I looked like a freakin’ giraffe running through there to get to the spot.”

In contrast to having his final match take place in front of no fans during the pandemic, Dave Lagreca questioned Taker about being able to experience that moment in front of the fans.

Taker said, “When we did the cinematic match, it was almost a relief because obviously that match was supposed to happen in a stadium. It was gonna be a regular match and in my mind I was thinking this isn’t Shawn [Michaels] but this is really close to Shawn and I was thinking about the match that we could have. The only reason I was gonna have that match is because I never worked with AJ [Styles]. Then obviously the pandemic happens and now I’m thinking about having this match in an empty warehouse and it was really deflating and then the cinematic aspect comes in there and I’m like wow, now we have an opportunity to do something special and something that people have never seen. I was really proud of that part that we were able to do something that was different…”

Taker also said, “Edge and Orton had one hell of a match that deserved to have people see it. It was incredible. I always looked at it as being fortunate to be able to do that match that way. I have stated since I retired that I’ve struggled. I knew that the body made the decision for me. In my mind and in my heart, there’s nothing that I’d rather do than be able to get in the ring and still go, especially in this era which his so close to, as far as business-wise, the Attitude Era. Just to see everything going on in the business…I would have to leave sometimes. I was at the Rumble in Florida this year and when the matches started I left. It was just that hard for me because my mind is telling me you should be getting ready…”

Taker added, “When I came [backstage after WrestleMania], I had a sense of calm and a sense of I’m good now. Now I gotta figure out what the hell is next for sure.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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