The Undertaker Recalls Conversations He Had With Bray Wyatt

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker recently appeared on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, where he talked about a number of topics including the conversations he had with Bray Wyatt.

Undertaker said, “He was like me, in a sense that he was doing things that was different than what everybody else was doing, just like I was doing things that was different when I came up. He was just basically asking me a lot of times how I handled that, how I presented ideas, you know, how I presented ideas to opponents and things like that. He was just like a sponge and wanted to learn and know more … such a tragedy, man. He had so much to offer and not just to the wrestling business but just as a human being. He was just a really kind soul.”

On getting ribbed by Paul Bearer over his dislike of cucumbers:

“Brian and Paul were the only people that would rib me, nobody else would rib me … I’m looking around and Paul’s eating a salad. I’m thinking salad, he’s put a cucumber on something cause the food came while I was gone … maybe I’m just being a little bit paranoid, so I take a bite of burger, great burger. Dip my fries and ketchup, eat it, it’s good. Grab my iced tea, get to wash it down. Paul had put a cucumber in the bottom of my glass perfectly flat so I couldn’t see it.”

On getting revenge on Bearer when he needed to use the bathroom during a long drive:

“I can see like three blocks down, I could see like an Exxon or something like that, I’m moving through the traffic and everything and he goes, ‘right up there god dammit,’ and as soon as he said that, man, I make a hard right turn and that was all it took, man. So we go up like two more blocks and pull into this gas station, he had pissed himself … he is so mad at me and I was like — Paul, he’s just so pissy now right — I said, ‘I don’t like cucumbers.’”

You can check out Undertaker’s comments in the video below.