The Undertaker Says Bray Wyatt Would Have Been Ideal To Break The Streak

In his most recent video for his “Six Feet Under” YouTube channel, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker talked about Bray Wyatt.

On having Bray Wyatt end his WrestleMania streak instead of Brock Lesnar:

“I don’t think Brock needed it. Brock was already, in my opinion, an established star, a megastar. Roman ended up being another megastar, but it would have been good for for Roman to do it at the end of my career if you’re going to pass it on, but Bray, you know, if the storyline would have been done right, that would have been ideally, I mean, there’s so much you could have done there. I mean, not only are you passing the torch, you’re passing the spirits. There would have been so many levels to that. Obviously, things happened different than what they did with him, but I mean, he would have been able to pull that crap out for years and years and years. There would have been so many, like I said, so many layers and I think that would have been the ideal person to do that with.”

On Mount Rushmore of moments in wrestling:

“I’ll start with Andre being slammed by Hogan. That’s a moment. The Austin 3:16 promo. Rock and Hogan meeting in the ring for the first time before their WrestleMania where they just stared and looked at each other, and I think the streak getting broken.”

You can check out the complete show below:

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