The Usos Reveal Their Dream Of Facing Each Other In A Singles Match At WWE WrestleMania

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Top WWE Superstars, The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso), had a conversation with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport on a variety of topics such as how the thought of being a singles star never crossed their minds, as from the first day they wanted to win together and be the longest tag team together, but if Jimmy never got hurt and Jey never became a singles star, then they wouldn’t be sitting there.

Jey said, “I never thought I could be a singles. It never crossed my mind. Not one time. As I was going through singles, I was recognizing what was happening and finding myself too. Not one time was I like, ‘I’m going to do this alone.’ We always came into the mindset, from day one, ‘we’re going to win this together.’”

Jimmy added, “Be the longest tag team together.”

Jey continued, “Not one time did [being singles] cross my mind. Stuff just developed, it happened, and I’m glad it went that way. A blessing happening in disguise. [Jimmy] got hurt, I leveled up and I feel like if that never happened, we wouldn’t be sitting here.”

The Usos also spoke about how their goal since day one was to be the best tag team in the world, but if either of them wanted to pursue a singles career then they would support each other, and they will always have each other’s backs and have a chance to be the best singles champion ever.

Jimmy stated, “We’re twins. Off the bat, that’s the first thing you notice. You automatically associate twins with teammates. That’s just what we are. I remember coming in and remember hearing that tag teams aren’t look at as the top tier, the top act in WWE.”

Jey added, “You always had different guys who got put together. They never had matching outfits. What tag team (wrestling) really was, Demolition, the Hardys, the real ones, we wanted to carry that. We always had that in our brain. Now, so many doors opened to where, if Jimmy wants to go singles, I support him. If I want to go, he’ll support me. We can always come back together. We always have each other’s back.”

Jimmy continued, “We never pitched a split. This naturally, organically happened. If [Jey] is the one right now, let’s go—Vice versa. What’s kept us wanting to be a tag team has put us here today. We’ve been so, ‘we’re going to be the best damn tag team in the world,’ which we are. Now we also have a chance to be the best damn singles champion ever.”

The Usos also spoke about how they never pitched splitting up and going their separate ways, but they would want to face each other in singles action at WrestleMania before they retire as that is a dream match of theirs.

Jimmy said, “We haven’t pitched it yet, but we’re constantly saying it to each other.”

Jey added, “Before our career is done. That’s our number one dream of happening. Me vs. him at WrestleMania. It’s like back in the living room. From day one, this is what we always wanted to do. I want my dad to be involved. I want my whole family to run this thing. Me being against my brother, my heart would be filled with joy.”

You can check out The Usos’ comments in the video below.