The We Want Cody vs. We Want Rocky Social Media Movement Gets Closer After Monday’s WWE RAW

The viral hashtag movement of “#WeWantCody” and “#WeWantRocky” is getting neck-and-neck as we head into the week.

As noted, Cody Rhodes earned a ton of organic fan support from a viral “#WeWantCody” hashtag social media movement after The Rock returned on Friday’s WWE SmackDown to take his spot against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40.

After the first national attention was brought to the movement, which also includes a “#WeWantRocky” hashtag that is becoming viral, things aren’t as lopsided as it started out.

Initially, the Cody hashtag was picking up over 300,000 posts within 24 hours of the announcement on WWE TV last Friday night. After trending worldwide for three straight days, things are much closer, with the “#WeWantRocky” hashtag movement picking up steam and actually having more recent posts on X after it was mentioned on WWE Monday Night Raw this week.

We will keep you posted as the momentum continues to shift in the court of public opinion regarding Roman Reigns vs. The Rock or Cody Rhodes on “The Grandest Stage of Them All” at WrestleMania XL.