Tony Khan Explains His Decision To Air AEW All In Incident Footage

AEW President Tony Khan has addressed his decision to have The Young Bucks (Matthew and Nicholas Jackson) present backstage footage from AEW All In, which will be discussed for the first time on this week’s Dynamite episode.

It happened at AEW All In in August of last year, involving CM Punk and Jack Perry. Punk was released and Perry was suspended as a result of the incident. After Punk discussed the incident in detail during an appearance on The MMA Hour this week, the decision was made to broadcast the footage.

The incident involving Punk transpired after Punk urged Perry not to use real glass for a television segment. During his All In match, Perry made a spot on the windshield of a car and made a reference to glass to the camera, saying, “Real glass, cry me a river,” resulting in the physical altercation.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Khan discussed the choice to broadcast it.

Khan said, “AEW has a great track record on delivering what we advertise, and it is real footage. The Young Bucks will show backstage footage from All In, the most important event in AEW history–the world record-holder for the most tickets ever sold for any wrestling record, over 81,035 total–and it was an important night backstage, as well.”

Khan went on, “The decision is based on putting on the best show for AEW, as well as driving interest for Dynamite and our Dynasty pay-per-view on April 21. This is real-life footage that affected many people, and it will air for the first time on TBS during Dynamite.”

“There is a good reason why the Young Bucks are showing this video,” Khan said, bringing up the fact that the Bucks are scheduled to wrestle FTR for the vacant Tag Team Titles at Dynasty. He stated that it is critical that the Young Bucks explain why this is relevant going into the match.